I absolutely love to travel, though I don't do it often enough. While I travel, whether cross country or just down the road, I usually have my camera with me. As is evidenced by some of the shots below, my favorite venue is the front seat of my car, usually the driver's seat, usually with the car moving. There is no time to set up the shot--in fact, I usually can't even look through the viewfinder--and consequently, some shots end up rather interesting (a floorboard, the side of a van, my rear view mirror, etc.). But some shots turn out magnificent.

    I am an admirer of the natural wonder. Man-made landscapes do very little for me. I know that God is just a far better artist than we can ever hope to be. Whether he is being creative with the color in a sunset, the texture of the clouds, or the structure of the mountains, he is coming up with beauty we can never hope to duplicate. These photos, to be honest, don't do it justice, but then again, since everyone here has seen a sunset, a cloud, or a mountain, I don't really need to point that out.

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