I am a firm believer that a cat chooses to adopt you, not the other way around, and it has been this way with Mouse. She was a local stray who sensed the presence of a genuine cat lover. Mouse couldn't have come at a better moment for me, nor I for her. She was so hungry at the time that a friend of mine put down a bowl of rice for her, and she ate it, even though there was nothing about it that would normally have attracted a feline. I replaced it with a can of tuna and gained a friend for life.

    The name Mouse is not intended to be ironic. The fact is, she does not meow so much as she squeaks.

Mouse is a regular challenge to deal with when I am writing. As can be seen here, she does not see my time writing as all that important.

In fact, as is seen above, she does not like to see any other Mouse in my life.

A messy desk is no concern to her. This is important for anyone or anything who lives with me.

In fact, what I see as a stack of papers, she may just see as a pillow.

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